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Additional Character Add-On

By default, all custom art by J. L. Wilson Designs (e.g. custom cover art, commissioned art package, character portraits) includes a single character as part of the cost of the service. For each additional character add-on you purchase, you can add an additional character to your custom art. This add-on requires a custom art purchase…


Note: Additional character add-on questionnaires will be sent to you later in the process for the service you’re adding them to. For example, if you’re adding an additional character to a customized premade/deluxe custom cover/commissioned art package, you’ll get an additional character form to fill out only after you’ve reserved a calendar slot for your project and I’ve reviewed the questionnaire you submit for that project). You don’t need to submit an additional character add-on questionnaire before you reserve your slot.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that all purchases are final, so if you have questions about whether I can do something you want for a particular service, be sure to send me a message here before you purchase.