Each sci-fi or fantasy book cover is created with a unique, individual-to-you character, carefully-crafted title treatments, and a hefty-dose of market research, so your book will not only find readers, but find the right ones.

Fantasy Book Covers

Dragons, assassins, magic, and shifters… If you’re looking for a fantasy book cover, I’ve got you covered.

Sci-fi Book Covers

Space opera, sci-fi romance, cyberpunk, sci-fi adventure… I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for my science fiction book covers.

Character Art

Each character portrait involves custom rendering for a single character on a transparent background as well as a small amount of digital overpainting/postwork in Photoshop. You choose if you want full-length, 3/4 length, 1/2 length, or close-up. You can purchase character portraits here.

Offered Services

Whether you want a completely custom cover, an immediately-available premade book cover, or custom character art just for your story, I’m here to help you find just the right look to sell your book.

urban fantasy book cover

Premade Covers

Market-driven book covers for immediate purchase

custom fantasy book cover

Custom Covers

Book covers designed to your expectations

character art

Character Art

Customized character art for any author’s needs

What authors are saying…

Julia Huni

Sci-f Author

“Jenny has done three covers for my current series, and each one is better than the one before. Book 3 is currently only an idea and a title — I won’t start writing it for a few more weeks– but she nailed it. Having this cover done is going to give me inspiration for the story.”

Margo Bond Collins

New York Times Bestselling Fantasy & Sci-fi Author

“I love the way Jennifer takes my vague ideas and turns them into beautiful designs! She’s a joy to work with!”

Jan Foster

Fantasy Author

“Working with Jennifer has been awesome! From her understanding of my brief to commercial knowhow to make a cover really pop and appeal to the desired readership – I can’t fault it! Will definitely use again!”

What makes a book cover successful?

This is something sci-fi and fantasy book cover designers spend a lot of time studying. So check out the articles I wrote explaining some of the most frequently overlooked fundamentals of successful book cover design and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to help sell your science fiction or fantasy book.