If you want to order a build your own premade or custom cover, go here to reserve a slot on the custom order calendar. Questionnaires are provided for these covers after you reserve your date. If you purchased any other service and are ready to move the project forward), you can find the questionnaire you need below.

Note: Make sure you answer each question completely. I can’t complete a project without all of the information on the form.

IMPORTANT: Progress on these forms cannot be saved, so you must submit them in one sitting. Many of these forms are short, but there are a few that request information that may require a bit of thinking on your part (e.g. book formatting). For these, I recommend opening/downloading the form in advance to gather any information you need before filling out the online form. If necessary, you can also answer the longer questions in a separate typesetting program (e.g. word, textpad) first. That way you have as much time as you need to think over your answers, and when you’ve finished, you can then just copy and paste your answers into the questionnaire.

Can’t find your questionnaire?

  • Additional character add-on questionnaires will be sent to you after I review the project questionnaire you want to add an additional character to. For example: you submitted a custom cover questionnaire and on that form, you indicated that you wanted to add an additional character to the project. As soon as I review that form, I’ll send you the additional character form to fill out.
  • Any design concept approval, final design approval, or revision round request forms will be e-mailed directly to you and added to your client portal whenever it’s time for you to submit them. So if you’re looking for one of these forms, please check your e-mail or login to your client portal here.
  • If the item you purchased hasn’t had a form already mentioned here, relax. There’s no form for you to fill out. We’ll take care of any commercial merchandise license add-ons, character extraction add-ons, etc. when we get closer to the end of the base process you’re adding these to (e.g. your e-book cover). If you’re worried something’s been overlooked though, don’t hesitate to contact me here.