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Merchandise License Add-On


Purchasing this license permits you to create or sell merchandise (e.g. t-shirts, notebooks, mugs) with purchased J. L. Wilson Designs art (e.g. character art, a final cover or the textless image of a final cover if this is also purchased) on them.

It also permits you to print physical advertising as well as free promotional items to give away.

This add-on requires an art purchase (either a cover, character portrait, or commissioned art). Otherwise there's no art to purchase an additional license for. ; )


Note: There is no merchandise license add-on questionnaire. This will be dealt with when we create the design you want to purchase a merchandise license add-on for.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that all purchases are final, so if you have questions about whether I can do something you want for a particular service, be sure to send me a message here before you purchase.

fantasy and sci-fi book covers by J. L. Wilson Designs
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